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Episode 35: Welcome To The Village - Dr. Khadijah Tuitt

Break the Chains, Find Your Flame is a complimentary podcast to the Promethean Project, a nonprofit wellness center. Our goal is to break the chains that bind, and help others find their potential/flame.
Our Podcast highlights these same ideals and thoughts, and serves to bring insightful interviews from people who have broken free, and live to their fullest potential.

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PTSS (post traumatic slavery syndrome): Does it really affect us? With Dr. Kadijah Tuitt

Mic Paper Scissors is some new hot content. This is a weekly conversation/podcast where Crip, Elle j and Creamy Chris will bring you lively discourse and aggravation. That witty Springfield Mass attitude We plan to make you laugh, think and be proud, and we will definitely take turns pissing you off follow us here to keep up with our brilliance and nonsense. and watch us on Facebook at micpaperscissors

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Is The Opioid Crisis A New Crisis?

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