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a bit about me:

Dr. Khadijah Tuitt is a Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who earned her Doctorate degree from the University of MA in Amherst.  She is an alumna of the Partnership Fellow’s Program for emerging Leaders of Color and  was nominated for the prestigious National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY) Award. As a child Khadijah experienced homelessness and neglect, and by the time she reached adulthood she was a convicted felon. She is often invited as a panelist or keynote speaker and uses her story of trials to triumphs to help organizations understand the barriers that many Black and underserved individuals face. She strives to create opportunities to breakthrough racial biases thus creating opportunities for organizations to understand the power of culture, diversity, and inclusivity. She also mentors in the community and is frequently invited to speak about the effects of substance use and mental health in the hospital, community, and on individuals and families. She is passionate about increasing awareness regarding mental health disparities in underserved communities and in communities of color.